Friday, October 3, 2008

Pat's List

1. I will REALLY work on learning to play Sudoku.
2. Unless on vacation, I will not eat out more than 2xs a week.
3. I will let Katie and Annie (very special critters) go their pace for their first walk of the day. For 10 min. it will be their walk.
4. No french fries for 10 days. Is their anyone that knows how hard this is for me?
5. I will walk daily - a walk with no purpose but to enjoy nature and to try getting closer to God.
6. I will call a different friend (one I have no daily contact with) each day for 10 days.
7. No chocolate :(( for ten days - what am I thinking?)
8. I will read one non-fiction book for every fiction book I read. My present ratio is100 - 1. :)
9. I will use my new hoe. As soon as I learn what its purpose is, I'll be ready to tackle whatever.
10. I will spend time every evening playing with Annie and Katie. Fat Eddy will get his time in the morning as by evening he has energy only for sleeping.