Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bess' List

1. Study "Bookkeeping for Dummies"
2. Walk Cass around the cornfield
3. Drink Green Tea in the morning instead of the Sugar and Cream filled confection I pretend is coffee each morning
4. No Fast Food!
5. Knit at least 10 rows a day
6. Stay up til 10 p.m.
7. Blog
8. Walk Me around the cornfield
9. Buy nothing that isn't on a list
10. Read at least 10 pages of my book.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rethink Your List

If you refer to my list - you will see that by not keeping to my 10 things, I have become a bad wife, mother, dog owner, global citizen...pretty much the worst person ever. Day one went well. Day two screwed it all up when I had to take a wild dog to the radio station and he SHIT IN MY CAR. I called him every cuss word in the book. From that moment forth, I have been screwing up. Amy, I need motivation.

Ten days have come and gone. Mohamed drank Red Bull, Kristin is not flossing every day. And I have not made it through one day without complaining. Kudos to Cara and Shelley who both get A for effort! They did not give up. It's time for a new list. Sit down and think about new things--or think about the old things. If you failed to do something on your list is it because you suck, or because it's really not that important to you? Is it worth putting on your list again? If so, do it. Keep putting it on your list every 10 days until you make the change. Just writing it down and looking at it every day keeps it on your radar.

I'm coming up with a new list before this day is over. And then I am sticking to it--no matter what.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kristin's List

10 Days

1. Floss twice a day.
2. Only watch planned television. No Law and Order rerun grazing.
3. Try to weave a compliment into each conversation.
4. Try to hold back the criticisms. We're all doing our best--it's just so easy to forget.
5. Return to the habit of an early evening cup of tea. With sugar cubes.
6. Remember to pray. Even if it's just "Help" and "Thank you."
7. Exercise.
8. No cell phone while driving. I'm not that important.
9. At least a glass of water for every cup of coffee.
10.Smile when I walk by people. And look them in the eyes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mo's List

1. “Try” to finish reading the three books I started
2. Don’t eat out.
3. Drink water.
4. No Red Bull for ten days.
5. Drink one cup of coffee a day.
6. Cook.
7. No cussing.
8. Check my voicemail.
9. Call back people that leave me messages.
10.Call my grandmother once a day

Good luck, Mo! I am sure that your grandmother will be very happy if you call her and DO NOT cuss.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Britt's List

1. Drink one cup of coffee a day. All day. Not one for each morning, afternoon and evening.
2. Pack my lunch every night. Man, oh man, the money I'll save.
3. Go to the gym at lunch time. Yes, every day. Man, oh man, how good I'll feel!
4. Don't gossip. Doesn't matter if I didn't start it. It's not good.
5. Clean up the kitchen before bed. Fresh kitchen = fresh start to the day.
6. Turn off the lights when I leave the room.
7. Walk Dixie Lou and Ping. They deserve it. They'll love me more.
8. Do something thoughtful for Bill.
9. Take off my make up before going to bed. Girls will think I am gross on this one, but I don't always to it.
10. Return all my work voicemails the same day I get them. I hate voicemail. This might be the hardest.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cara's List

1. Cook a MEAL every night for dinner. No chips for dinner, just because P is gone.
2. Run Shiner every night. Exercise for BOTH of us!
3. Give myself enough time to put my makeup on at home in the mornings, instead of in the car on the way to work.
4. No more snooze button! This should help with number three.
5. Tell (at least) one friend per day how much they mean to me and how much they are appreciated.
6. No soda!
7. Smile at bad drivers, instead of yelling at them.
8. Tell P every single day how proud I am of him.
9. Water the new plants. No more black thumb!
10. Find a way to make someone else’s day better.

#3 I Will Learn To Count To Ten

Also this week, Valerie is going to practice counting to ten without repeating any numbers.

Valerie's List

1. Put away all of my laundry (this could take the full 10 days)
2. Tell at least one friend each day how much I appreciate them.
3. Wake up at or before 7:00 each morning.
3. Write for at least 5 minutes in my journal each day.
4. Practice 20 minutes a day on guitar.
5. Brush Olivia every day.
6. Tell myself every morning that I am doing the best that I can do.....and mean it.
7. No fried food.
8. Take my lunch to work every day.
9. Rent at least one movie that has been on my "list" and sit down and watch it.
10. Write a new song.

Changin' The World--Ten Days at a Time.

1. Run. No matter how far.
2. No complaining.
3. Do that ridiculous push-up/sit-up routine every other day.
4. 20 minutes of writing practice every day.
5. Keep the new flowers alive.
6. Listen to Al Green on my way to work.
7. Add two songs to Valerie's CD every day.
8. Be nice to the weird girl.
9. Ask one person every day if they will buy a ticket to the benefit on Nov. 6th.
10. Do not hit snooze more than three times.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shelley's List

1. Kiss Roger every night before going to bed.
2. Drink one diet soda per day..not 2 or 3!
3. Spend 15 minutes everyday cleaning out my closet. At this rate it may take 15 months! But it is a small step.
4. Eat supper at the table at home or out..not in front of the TV!
5. Take my vitamins
6. Don't say one bad thing about ANYONE!
7. Stop and throw the ball for Champ even though it interrupts my walk!
8. Be thankful that I have Amy as my "Bonus Daughter" who is thoughtful enough to include me on her list of people with whom to share her clever ideas!

Susan's List!

I did it!

Here are my 10 things for Sept 15 - 24.

1. Cook an actual meal every day.
2. Don't say one cuss word, not even DAMN.
3. Hug and kiss my husband everday.
4. Blow dry my hair every day.
5. Use the same water bottle for all 10 days.
6. Clean a different room in the house each day.
7. Turn off the TV and read part of my book each day.
8. Play fetch with Sonoma daily.
9. Send a photo of Stella to my Mom every day.
10. Do a good deed every day and don't tell anyone what it was.

Thanks For Checking it Out!

Thanks for coming to the site and checking it out.

Make your list!

Share the things you know you can do for 10 days.

The List Before Last

From September 3rd until September 13th

1. One cup of coffee a day.
2. NO DRINKING--the red wine is killing me on my Weight Watchers points.
3. Work on the Love, Amy project every day until the letters are mailed.
4. Learn one thing every day about life in a third world country.
5. Spend AT LEAST 5 focused, productive hours a day at the office (no Scrabulous during that focused time).
6. Have fall flowers planted by the end of the ten days.
7. Take all my vitamins (yes, even the iron supplements).
8. Do not let one day go by without talking to Buddy.
9. Read at least 30 minutes every day.
10. Make sure that the flowers that attract the hummingbird stay alive.