Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rethink Your List

If you refer to my list - you will see that by not keeping to my 10 things, I have become a bad wife, mother, dog owner, global citizen...pretty much the worst person ever. Day one went well. Day two screwed it all up when I had to take a wild dog to the radio station and he SHIT IN MY CAR. I called him every cuss word in the book. From that moment forth, I have been screwing up. Amy, I need motivation.

Ten days have come and gone. Mohamed drank Red Bull, Kristin is not flossing every day. And I have not made it through one day without complaining. Kudos to Cara and Shelley who both get A for effort! They did not give up. It's time for a new list. Sit down and think about new things--or think about the old things. If you failed to do something on your list is it because you suck, or because it's really not that important to you? Is it worth putting on your list again? If so, do it. Keep putting it on your list every 10 days until you make the change. Just writing it down and looking at it every day keeps it on your radar.

I'm coming up with a new list before this day is over. And then I am sticking to it--no matter what.

Stay tuned.

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