Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Britt's List

1. Drink one cup of coffee a day. All day. Not one for each morning, afternoon and evening.
2. Pack my lunch every night. Man, oh man, the money I'll save.
3. Go to the gym at lunch time. Yes, every day. Man, oh man, how good I'll feel!
4. Don't gossip. Doesn't matter if I didn't start it. It's not good.
5. Clean up the kitchen before bed. Fresh kitchen = fresh start to the day.
6. Turn off the lights when I leave the room.
7. Walk Dixie Lou and Ping. They deserve it. They'll love me more.
8. Do something thoughtful for Bill.
9. Take off my make up before going to bed. Girls will think I am gross on this one, but I don't always to it.
10. Return all my work voicemails the same day I get them. I hate voicemail. This might be the hardest.

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